We see injury as an opportunity to work on weaknesses, helping people return to their sport or activity fitter, stronger and more resilient than before. We adopt a movement and strength focused approach to rehabilitation, which is both fun and challenging.


We believe in educating and empowering the people we work with to better understand their own bodies, how to train 'smarter' and how to push themselves safely, confidently and independently to achieve their goals.


We are passionate about helping people to become better athletes regardless of their age, experience or ability. This means focusing on developing good movement, balance, flexibility, speed, agility, strength and power in training, creating bodies that perform well as well as looking great!


Pain and injury can be very challenging both physically and emotionally.  We believe that movement is key to helping the body heal and repair itself and create a warm, open and safe training environment in which you will learn to move better, develop strength and grow in confidence, helping you get back to living life to the full.