Are you struggling to get back to the sport or activity that you love following an injury?
Do you keep picking up annoying injuries or niggles?
Are you feeling weak or out of shape following an injury?
Are you looking for expert rehab advice, coaching and guidance?
Do you want to 'bulletproof' yourself and stay injury free?
Do you want to return from injury fitter, faster and stronger than before?


What we offer

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  • Expert one to one coaching and rehabilitation in central London
  • Movement & Strength based screenings to identify weaknesses & movement deficiencies 
  • Individualised plans & programmes with key goals to hit every step of the way
  • Focused, fun and challenging coached rehab sessions 
  • Psychological, social and nutritional support to optimise your recovery 
  • Access to a network of the best medical practitioners in the UK


Please email us for more information, pricing or to book a session