Rehab Packages

Initial Screening & Rehab Support - 2 x 60 min sessions, a written assessment and an individualised rehab programme

  • An initial detailed movement, strength and power based assessment to identify any weaknesses or movement deficiencies and to enable us to prescribe the optimal rehab plan and programme for you.
  • A follow up session to go through your training programme and ensure you are technically competent.
  • This may appeal to those who are confident in the gym and motivated to do their own rehab but are looking for clear direction and goals. 

Individual Coached Rehab session - 60 min session

  • A coaching session focused on your individualised rehab programme and plan.
  • This may appeal to those who would like a little more support in terms of developing their confidence, movement, strength and technique and may wish to be coached on a more ad hoc basis.

Multiple Coached S&C sessions - 10 x 60 min session

  • Ten sessions will allow you to progress your rehab rapidly, whilst developing your strength, movement, power and function.
  • This may appeal to those who feel they may benefit from a greater level of support and direction and to those wish to push themselves in a safe and motivating environment.  

Please email us for pricing and to book a session